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We are a mission-driven company committed to elevating women as they age.
We start by re-envisioning menopause.

it’s a new world.


And, menopause feels stuck in the past.

Innovation is everywhere except when it comes to menopause.
Menopause is a multi-year journey that impacts every aspect of a woman’s life.
And, TBH, women don’t know where to go or whom to trust.
Reliable information is hard to find; sources are fragmented and of questionable validity.  
Symptoms are often difficult to understand, tests hard to get, and results difficult to track.
Menopause has been medicalized and is treated like a disease (it’s not); treatments conflict, doctors lack specialization.
And the social stigma of menopause is very real.



Women today have more complex lives than any generation preceding them.

Especially GenX women. They are more educated and more empowered. And, they are now at their peak earning and peak spending.
They are digital/analog-fluent, have high expectations and are accustomed to making informed decisions.
They actively seek the expertise of health professionals who fully understand their issues as they strive for optimal wellness.
They are modern women trying to do it all, now grappling with the complexities of menopause.
And no one is focused on them and their interconnected needs through this life-changing journey.

it’s all about agency.


It’s more than empowerment. It’s agency.

Yes, agency.

We believe agency emerges from the holy trinity of trust, wisdom and empathy - essential to a woman’s journey through menopause.
Trust develops with experts that specialize in and with supplements tailored for menopause mind-body health.
Wisdom arises out of personal insights through innovative diagnostics and personal tracking.
Empathy emerges within meaningful community and social context to normalize and humanize the experience of menopause.

Together they drive agency. And agency leads to action.


MIGHTY Menopause provides a digital experience designed for the multi-faceted, multi-year journey of menopause.

It is integrated, personalized and simple.
It is the twenty-first century after all.


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As luck would have it.

A serial wellness entrepreneur approaching menopause was looking for a new gynecologist in San Francisco and that gynecologist proved to be shockingly unhelpful.

It didn’t feel like luck at the time. But looking back, it was very lucky.

Lucky because that sparked Jeanne Chung, Founder and CEO of MIGHTY, to dive deep into the world around menopause, discover a huge need and fuel a deep passion for her vision.

A vision where women are radiant and vital as they age.

A vision of a world where elder women are extraordinarily healthy and balanced, are radiant and vital, and have full agency, relevance and contentedness.

Now, that’s a vision.

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