Menopause. On TV.

First, a documentary about menstruation wins an Oscar. Now, Kristin Scott Thomas is on a hit show espousing both the negatives and the positive of menopause.

Her soliloquy (is it a speech?) is outrageously succinct. It feels like no truer words have ever been use on the topic of the differences in the life experiences of men and women, how we experience pain which shapes how we interact in the world. Women know pain, cyclically. Men don’t and have to seek it out and create it - resulting in, in its extreme yet logical end, war.


Back to menopause.

Even two years ago, uttering the word menopause stopped most people (men and women) in their tracks. Men would physically recoil from the space of conversation. Women would pause and, if compelled, would continue the conversation but often whispering the word. Or they would giggle at the prospect of it.

Things have changed a lot since then. Some millennial men will even talk to me about it!

Right now, we are in a time of upheaval and reflection, the raising of voices and honing of opinions, the deepening of understand, empathy and agency. Especially for women. Especially for women at midlife.

Women are not going anywhere. The world exists and persist because of us.

We menstruate. We stop menstruating. We carry on.